Reassigning disk ownership in NetApp Cluster Mode

Working on a multiple-node cluster this morning and I mistakenly assigned ownership of two shelves of disks to controller nodes which did not own the stack.

It resulted in 48 disks having an “unknown” state:


Trying to remove the software ownership information in order to reassign disk ownership will, and did, fail:


Here’s how to fix:

1. If disk ownership automatic assignment is on, turn it off
::> storage disk option modify -node * -autoassign off
2. Start a nodeshell session on the node where the stack resides
::> node run [node_name]
3. Make the disk unowned, by using the `-s unowned’ option
::> disk assign [disk_name] -s unowned -f 

Exit the nodeshell and return to the clustershell by using the “exit” command.

4. Display all unowned disks
::> storage disk show -container-type unassigned
5. Assign disk
::> storage disk assign -disk [disk_name] -owner [owner_name]