VMware SRM Error: “Failed to create snapshots of replica devices”

Today I encountered VMware SRM error “Failed to create snapshots of replica device Cause: SRA command ‘testFailoverStart’ failed. Storage port not found Either Storage port information provided in NFS list is incorrect else Verify the “isPv4″ option in ontap_config file matches the ipaddress in NFS field.”

Found the solution in kb article 000016026: https://kb.netapp.com/support/s/article/ka11A0000001BN5QAM/sra-command-testfailoverstart-failed-storage-port-not-found-either-storage-port-information-provided-in-nfs-list-is-incorrect?language=en_US

Looks to be caused by the firewall-policy of the SVM data LIFs. These were set for “mgmt”, which are not detected by the SRA according to the kb article.

To change the firewall-policy from “mgmt” to “data”:
net int modify -vserver [vserver_name] -lif [data_lif_name] -firewall-policy data  
To list LIFs by firewall-policy:
net int show -fields firewall-policy  

Article also advises checking the ontap_config file on the SRM server to

ensure that the NFS IP address on the controller is correct and the IP address format mentioned in the NFS address field matches the value set for the isipv4 option in the ontap_config file

By default, the configuration file is located at install_dirProgram FilesVMwareVMware vCenter Site Recovery ManagerstoragesraONTAPontap_config.txt. You’ll look for the “isPv4” option.