Fenix Web Server | simple static web server

I needed to stage software for an upgrade over the weekend. During the upgrade, you load the new files over HTTP. In the past, I just looked for an available web server I could use to do this. Or, if none existed, I would install IIS or Apache, leave it running until the next time I needed it, and it would become one of those multi-purpose “SAN” servers that’s a http, ftp, monitoring, log gathering, perfstat running, many-headed hydra of a server that’s both really important and not important enough to wake me up at 2am about.

But I am learning..and I started looking for a lightweight web server that’s preferably ad-hoc (stop and start the server only when I needed it), preferably open source, and simple to use; I just want to load my files into a folder and grab those files during an install.

The solution I found is called Fenix: http://fenixwebserver.com/

It’s available for Windows and Mac. It’s open source. As of this post, the project’s currently on version 2.0.0. It’s very simple to use. Out of the box, there is no default web server it creates. You add web servers using an intuitive interface, although there are command-line options should you want to go that route.

I created a folder called HTTP-Root, and placed my system files in there. You give the server a name to identify it, the path, and the port.

You can create mutiple sites side by side. For my purposes I only needed one. From the application window, you start your server.

And that’s all there is to it. I used it for the upgrade and stopped it when I was finished. Worked like a champ. Was just what I was looking for. Definitely recommend.

>software get http://ipaddress/814P9_q_image.zip
software: copying to /etc/software/814P9_q_image.zip  
software: 100% file read from location.  
software: /etc/software/814P9_q_image.zip has been copied.  
>software install 814P9_q_image.zip               
software: You can cancel this operation by hitting Ctrl-C in the next 6 seconds.  
software: Depending on system load, it may take many minutes  
software: to complete this operation. Until it finishes, you will  
software: not be able to use the console.  
software: installing software, this could take a few minutes...  
software: installation of 814P9_q_image.zip completed.  
Sat Aug 27 18:24:25 MDT [: cmds.software.installDone:info]: Software: Installation of 814P9_q_image.zip was completed.  
Please type "download" to load the new software,  
and "reboot" subsequently for the changes to take effect.